The Tiffany Shackelford Foundation advocates for women and other underrepresented groups.

Foundation Principles


The foundation seeks to empower women in leadership through financial support and mentoring.


The foundation aims to lead by raising funds that will help more women succeed and thrive in media.


The foundation, like Tiffany Shackelford herself, seeks to foster radical empathy and caring.

Board Members

The Tiffany Shackelford Foundation is led by her husband, Aaron Castelo, and four colleagues.
Please reach out to Aaron with the form below or at Info@tiffanyshack.org if you'd like to help.

Aaron Castelo
Board Chair
Catherine Wigginton Greene
Board Member
Emma Carew Grovum
Board Member
Laura Cochran
Board Member
Barb Rosewicz
Board Member
Kevin Goldberg
Board Member
Matt Mansfield
Board Member

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