Thank you! You made our first fundraising goal a reality. Let’s do more for Tiffany

December 23, 2021

Thank you. 

After just one week, The Tiffany Shackelford Foundation reached its first fundraising goal of $10,000. Because of you. We’re grateful to all who gave so generously  — and did it so quickly. 

Tiffany must be smiling. And toasting. Always toasting.

This first goal was important because it has allowed this foundation to fund four years of support for women's initiatives at the Online News Association at $2,500 annually in Tiffany’s name. You made that dream a reality. 

Now, we wondered, what else would Tiffany do? 

The answer: Go bigger. Always go bigger. 

Today, we’re increasing the goal to $25,000.

With your help, we can carry on Tiffany’s legacy for 10 years with ONA. That translates into a decade of supporting programs for women leaders at an outstanding organization Tiffany believed in and was dedicated to during her life. 

What a powerful combination. Empowering women in leadership and doing it in a way Tiffany would appreciate because it’s lasting.

Tiffany died from Covid-19 complications on Dec. 27, 2020. This foundation has one big vision: Make sure Tiffany’s bold, creative, nurturing spirit continues. 

Let’s keep making a difference.
Just like Tiffany did during her life. 

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