We’re grateful for your help in reaching the stretch goal! Now let’s get to work

January 19, 2022

Wow.  We did it.  In just a little over a month, we received enough contributions to fund women's leadership initiatives at the Online News Association — for a full decade. Thank you to everyone who has generously given to this foundation to help honor Tiffany’s legacy!

I am incredibly moved each time I hear from someone who knew her, loved her and was touched by her in some way.  We are also very grateful for donations from individuals who never met Tiffany but have donated based on what they have learned about her.  These donations are obviously special in their own way and extremely meaningful.

So, we will pause to celebrate this week.   But, of course, we are not done.  We are only just really getting started. This foundation carries Tiffany’s name and we take that very seriously which means we will keep seeking ways to be more impactful.

In the coming months, we are going to be reporting back on this collaboration with ONA. We'll also be sharing some very special stories about Tiffany’s influence and legacy. And we'd also love to hear from all of you: What else should the foundation be doing? Drop us a line at info@tiffanyshack.org if you have ideas or want to volunteer to brainstorm.

Thanks again for the overwhelming support and generosity. We will keep Tiffany's dynamic spirit alive through this foundation.

- Aaron Castelo, January 2022

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