Join us for brunch on July 31. We'll celebrate Tiffany with cocktails and croquet!

July 1, 2022

Hi Friends,

I hope you all are having a good summer and enjoying special times with friends and family.  Well, here we are in July and what would have been Tiffany’s 48th birthday is approaching at the end of the month.  Last year on her birthday many of us were finally able to gather for the first time since her death to celebrate and remember her at a very special and personal event.

This year the wonderful, dedicated Board of the Tiffany Shackelford Foundation has worked to organize a brunch event to celebrate Tiffany and hopefully raise some funds to support the Foundation’s mission.

Please consider joining us for brunch, cocktails and croquet on Sunday, July 31.  From a Foundation perspective, we want to keep our momentum going and this event is a way we can keep moving forward to honor Tiffany’s legacy.  From a personal perspective, well it would just be really nice to spend her birthday with some friendly faces.

Whenever Tiffany went to brunch she immediately ordered four drinks from the server….water, coffee, Sprite and either a Bloody Mary or Mimosa.  She really believed she had this brunch drink combo down to a science as it helped her recover from the night before and start the new day off right!  So, come join us on July 31 and enjoy one or more of her favorite brunch drinks with us.

You can RSVP here.

Aaron Castelo

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