A fundraiser for Tiffany's 50th to benefit stipend recipients

July 8, 2024

The Tiffany Shackelford Foundation is today kicking off a major fundraising campaign. We told you about it on Flag Day, one of Tiffany’s favorite holidays. We hope you will support this effort.

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Why is the Foundation doing this? Tiffany would have turned 50 this summer, so we want to share that milestone by supporting the sort of work she did in her life — enabling younger journalists, especially women, to thrive and reach their goals.

Why does this effort matter now? Besides celebrating Tiffany, we also know many places have cut back on paying for training or conferences. In some cases, even longtime journalism organizations have reduced their programming. By putting Shackelford Shines stipends in the hands of individuals, we can start to address those challenges. People may decide to go to a large organized event or they may choose to take a one-to-one class or something else that helps. It’s up to each person.

What’s magic about that $599 number? The Shackleford Shines Stipends are capped at $599 each to alleviate paperwork while still offsetting some of the out-of-pocket costs of conferences or trainings.

Why 50 stipends? What happens if you raise all that money? The Foundation will be able to fund 10 stipends per year for five years. That’s a lot of good we can do for women and other underrepresented groups. It also means we would not have to ask you for money for Shackeford Shines stipends for several years. Everyone wins.
Thank you for anything you can contribute.

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