Foundation Awards 4 “ Shackelford Shines” Stipends for ONA23

August 25, 2023

The Tiffany Shackelford Foundation is proud to further support the Online News Association with four travel stipends to ONA23, happening now in Philadelphia, for alums  of the Women’s Leadership Accelerator, the intensive program aimed squarely at advancing women in digital journalism. 

These $599 Shackelford Shines grants help people from underrepresented backgrounds with professional development, such as conferences, that they wouldn't otherwise be able to attend. The program carries on the legacy of Tiffany Shackleford, who was known for lifting up women,  especially women leaders in ONA. 

“We’re so grateful to donors for enabling programs like this,” said Aaron Castelo, the Foundation’s Board Chair and Tiffany’s husband. “The four women selected embody the best of what leadership looks like. We’re so happy we can help them meet the 2023 WLA cohort and connect one on one.” 

The Tiffany Shackelford Foundation is committed to annual support for the Women’s Leadership Accelerator program in Tiffany’s name for the next 10 years. These stipends are in addition to that commitment. 


Melisa Goh (Provided)
Melisa Goh, a veteran journalist who is returning to the workforce after taking time off to care for her family. 
Natalia Jiménez-Stuard (Provided)
Natalia Jiménez-Stuard,  a visual editor who works with photography, video and illustration to create thoughtful storytelling.
Gabby Tangassi (Dark Lab Media)
Gabby Tangassi, a communications professional with a passion for audience engagement and events.
Meena Thiruvengadam (Provided)
Meena Thiruvengadam, a writer and independent journalist who has led global audience teams at Bloomberg and Business Insider.

These four women will also share their stories after ONA23 as a way for others to learn more about both WLA and the Shackelford Shines stipends. 

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to further Tiffany’s legacy by supporting these four talented women leaders, and ensuring they are able to build their profiles and networks at ONA this year.," said Emma Carew Grovum, board member,

Melisa Goh and Emma Carew Grovum at ONA23 this week.
Meena Thiruvengadam and Emma Carew Grovum at ONA23 this week.

The Tiffany Shackelford Foundation board aims to support more people with these sorts of stipends. 

The selection committee for these stipends was: 

The stipends are made possible by the generous contributions of individual donors, including those who recently were part of a fundraiser in honor of Tiffany’s birthday on July 31. That fundraiser is still open for anyone who wishes to contribute. 

The Tiffany Shackelford Foundation was founded in 2021, shortly after Tiffany’s death from Covid-19 complications on December 27, 2020. The nonprofit foundation's goal is to support women and other underrepresented people, something Tiffany did her entire career. To learn more or contribute, please visit our website:

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